Minecraft Java Edition Seeds

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Minecraft 1.12.2 seed (1)
New Savanna Village plus Ravine Blacksmith Seed [19w07a] (4)
Pumpkins, 2villages, Skeleton Spawn right at the start of the game! (1)
Insane Grassland Spawn w/ Shattered savanna mountain, Dark oak forest, Desert, Savanna, Spruce Forest, Mountains, Deciduous Forest, AND Sand Temple [1.14 Pre-Release 2] (1)
Mesa Plateau with Mine Shafts and Ocean! (3)
3 Seed with Ice Plains Spikes (1)
Epic Infected Village, Grassland & Hostage Iron Golem! (Witch Hut & SO much more!) [19w13b] (1)
Mega Mountainous Spruce Forest w/ Grassland [19w13b] (1)
Recent Snapshot Seed (2)
[1.13.2] Cool Seed for Survival (1)
[1.13.2] Spawn near 7 underwater ruins and a buried treasure (2)
Good sized Island surrounded by coral reefs, a few other islands, a cave system, and 2 nearby shipwrecks. (1.13.2 & 19w09a) (3)
Jungle Pyramid, some Bamboo [19w09a] (1)
Shattered Savanna with Two Desert Villages and a Desert Temple within 32 chunks of spawn (1.13.2 & 19w09a)) (3)
Spawn on a tiny little island with a Ocean Monument just blocks away (1.13) (2)
Village next to wooldland mansion at spawn 1.3 (1)
Pillager Outpost Seed [19w07a] (1)
Sunken Ship AND Sunken Treasure near spawn (Version 1.13 Java Edition) (3)
Above Ground Ocean Ruin and Shipwreck at Spawn [1.13] (1)
Pillager Outpost at Spawn [19w06a snapshot] (1)
Request: Stronghold Near Spawn [1.13] (1)